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Private investigators in Caracas, Venezuela
Caracas, Venezuela
Inheritance Property Identification
Private investigators in Valencia, Venezuela
Caracas, Venezuela
Asset Location
Private investigators in Maracaibo, Venezuela
Margarita Island, Venezuela
Infidelity Investigation
Private investigators in Merida, Venezuela
San Cristobal, Venezuela
Missing Family Member
Private investigators in San Cristobal, Venezuela
Caracas, Venezuela
Locate Heirs
Private investigators in Maturin, Venezuela
Caracas, Venezuela
Fraud Investigation
Private investigators in Arauca, Venezuela
Caracas, Venezuela
Background Investigation
Private investigators in Coro, Venezuela
Caracas, Venezuela
Background Investigation

Private Investigators Venezuela

During these extremely difficult times in Venezuela with curfews due to Corona Virus sickness and economic hardship our private investigators in Venezuela can still assist our clients throughout the country.

Legal Investigators International is one of the most experienced firms conducting international investigations in Latin America, the Caribbean and East Asia. Our investigators are retired FBI special agents, attorneys or retired high level police officials from  foreign countries with whom we have worked on a regular basis for many years and who have been thoroughly vetted by our firm. 

Information reported by us is accurate, timely and always credible. Our experience in conducting investigations and our knowledge of the country rules and regulations as well as the cultural aspects of each jurisdiction make our company unique. 

Weather your investigation in Venezuela is located in a rural area or the capital of Caracas, our investigators are capable of obtaining the results necessary to support our client’s request. Many large and small law firms have used our services for a variety of purposes both representing the plaintiff and defense bar.  Businesses both large and small have also been  pleased with our investigative results we have provided to them in the corporate field whether it be a fraud matter or simply a due diligence regarding a company or one of its principals.

Legal Investigators International always maintains confidentiality with regard to information provided by the client and stays connected to our clients keeping them informed during the entire investigation. Each and every one of our investigations is important to our firm and we are able to obtain information which is required whether it be locating a witness, determining the business reputation of a corporate entity or individual or if the case involves a search for assets of a company or an individual in a particular country.  We always represent each and every  client zealously within the bounds of the law in every country where we operate.

Private Investigators Venezuela​