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Attorneys, Corporate Entities, Insurance and Mutual Fund Managers

Private investigators in Colombia, Panama, Dominican Republic and Brazil as well as throughout Latin America
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Many of our clients are practicing attorneys representing both plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases. Other clients are corporate counsel and defense attorneys in criminal cases. We have handled international accident investigations for plaintiff’s attorneys and represented corporate defense attorneys in both class action lawsuits and personal injury cases as well as product liability investigations. 

Family law attorneys have retained our services in many instances to locate marriage or divorce documentation or discover hidden assets. Probate counsel have contracted our firm to locate heirs and obtain statements from family members living abroad. We have conducted research relating to property ownership and other legal documents in civil registries throughout the world.

Our firm can assist your law firm or corporate counsel resolve major issues in lawsuits that can save your clients thousands of dollars or convince a jury to compensate a plaintiff seriously injured in an accident abroad. From airplane accidents to class action drug or insecticide cases, Legal Investigators International, Inc. can make the difference in your legal case. Our lawyers/investigators have testified in numerous cases as expert witnesses relating to foreign investigations.


Our firm has represented numerous corporate entities involving a variety of investigations. In many instances we investigate corporate business entities in foreign countries where U.S, European or Asian firms plan to conduct business with such foreign companies. Stateside, European and Asian firms need to know if the foreign companies are economically solid, have a good business reputation and that they are not connected to organized crime elements.

We also often investigate the principals of foreign corporations to determine whether they have criminal records or have been embroiled in numerous lawsuits or governmental administrative disputes. These due diligence investigations conducted by our firm provide the assurance needed by corporate entities to conduct business with foreign corporate enterprises.

In addition to conducting due diligence investigations for corporations, Legal Investigators International, Inc. conducts background investigations in pre-employment cases and also in re-investigation cases of current employees. We can determine the existence of civil lawsuits, criminal records, interest in other businesses entities, business reputation, property ownership, marital status and even conduct neighborhood investigations to determine the lifestyle of employees.

In business and corporate investigations our firm can assess the potential competition of a particular business in a foreign country. We have conducted investigations where managers in foreign countries of major U.S. based corporations have fraudulently continued to conduct business securing profits for themselves after the principal office of a corporation believed that the foreign based operation had been closed for months.  Finally/ fraudulent kick-back and theft schemes by employees and others in these foreign countries are also investigated by our firm.


Insurance companies often use our services to verify whether recipients of disability and other pensions are working in new professions in foreign countries violating settlement agreements. Sometimes physical surveillances are conducted of beneficiaries by our company to determine the physical abilities of so-called “disabled” individuals.

In many instances we locate and contact beneficiaries to determine that they are still alive and that family members are not collecting checks for deceased beneficiaries. In several cases we discovered through investigation that this fraudulent scheme was being committed against the insurance company in question.  Finally, our company has worked various travel insurance fraud schemes throughout the world where the insured was determined to have filed a fraudulent claim based on our investigation.


Legal Investigators International, Inc. has conducted investigations for hedge fund and mutual fund managers. Mutual fund and other financial managers need to know the facts relating to foreign companies that often become part of their fund portfolios. Research can be conducted by these managers but in foreign countries there is so much corruption involved relating to factors ranging from the number of employees to product distribution and manager bona-fides that it is absolutely necessary to clarify the issues. We provide the managers with the vital information relating to foreign companies that they need.  Such investigation can supply the mutual fund or financial manager with the factual data he or she needs in order to make decisions that can save a fund and its shareholders thousands or even millions of dollars.

Our company has discovered fraudulent pricing schemes, falsification of sales figures and even determined that some companies are actually violating U.S. laws relating to piracy and intellectual property rights.  Some foreign firms copy logos, formulas and trademarks of legitimate stateside and European firms. We can provide honest factual assessments to mutual fund and other financial fund managers to prevent disasterous consequences when investing in foreign companies.

Private investigators in Colombia, Panama, Dominican Republic and Brazil